Aging wines has been a winemaking strategy for centuries, with winemakers storing wine to reach their target flavor and texture. During the process, wines tend to develop a more complex taste, absorbing the influence of the wood in the barrels, oxidizing components, and creating more complex compounds of acid and alcohol.

Old vine Zinfandel is a favorite in Plymouth, California, in the heart of Amador County. The area is rich in history and winemaking, and today is home to several world-class wineries.

The area is nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the heart of Gold Country and was part of the 1840 Gold Rush that brought so many people to the area. Today, visitors can enjoy all the bounty of Plymouth as they come to eat, drink, shop, and stay.

Hospitality and Appeal of Plymouth Wineries

Wine has been produced in this area since the 1850s, and today, Amador County is home to the oldest Zinfandel plantings in the United States.

Old vine Zinfandel still reigns as the leader here, although many other varietals prevail as the Amador County wineries also produce Barbera, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Reisling, Sauvignon Blanc, and a wide range of blends.

Visitors can enjoy the unhurried hospitality of wineries like Scott Harvey Wines, Cooper Vineyards, Vino Noceto Winery, Amador Cellars, Sobon Estate, Iron Hub Winery, and many more.

Each winery offers unique, inviting, and memorable wine tastings at the picturesque vineyards and intimate tasting rooms.

Describing the Plymouth and Amador County Terroir

The terroir or growing conditions of Amador County are unique. The elevations vary, the soil is rich, and the weather is perfect for growing the fruits used for winemaking. The area’s soil is typically volcanic sandy clay derived from decomposed granite. This moderately dense soil allows the farmers to mostly dry farm the vineyards since the annual rainfall tends to be around 36-38 inches.

While the days can be hot in the summer, the nights tend to cool down substantially, creating a situation that is different from other areas. Old vine Zinfandel mainly thrives in this environment, and the different elevations produce a range of unique flavors.

Visit, Explore, Sip, Savor, and Enjoy Plymouth, California

The old vine Zinfandels and the expanding group of varietals are a significant draw in the Plymouth area. But the area also boasts a local culture, cuisine, and many activities different from the other famous wine-producing areas.

Farm-to-table dining, as well as the local art galleries, unique shops, comfortable inns and hotels, and many outdoor activities continue to draw visitors to the area.

Make Your Reservations for Wine Tasting at Scott Harvey Wines

The excellent old vine Zinfandel and other varietals and blends are available at Scott Harvey Wines.

Go online and reserve a winetasting visit to one of Scott Harvey’s three hospitable tasting rooms. These are:

  • Shenandoah Winery & Tasting Room in Plymouth
  • Sutter Creek Tasting Room in Sutter Creek
  • Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg

If you need to talk with someone, call the Scott Harvey Winery at 209-245-3670.