Zinfandel has been a favorite wine for centuries. The grape was originally brought to California during the Gold Rush and has been one of the favorites. Zinfandel is currently the third leading winegrape grown in California.

While Zinfandel grapes originated in Croatia and then Italy, California stands out as producing the best quality Zinfandel for the most delightful Zin wine pairings.

Certain areas of California’s wine country are perfect for growing this grape and continue to develop. The optimum temperature ranges for Zin vines are 70° to 90°F. Temperatures below this range limit the growth of the grapes, while higher temperatures reduce the grapevine’s photosynthesis rate and restrict their growth.

Zinfandel and Grilled Meats

What pairs best with Red Zinfandel? Grilled meats are ideal pairings, given Zin’s bold and robust flavors. Barbeque ribs, spicy sausages, or a perfectly grilled steak are the perfect combinations.

The wine’s rich profile complements the best pairings for these smoky, charred grilled items, creating a savory and satisfying experience.

Zinfandel and Spicy Cuisine

The wine projects a natural spiciness that makes the best Zin wine pairings with dishes that offer a kick of heat. Thus, Zinfandel can pair beautifully with Mexican, Cajun, or Indian dishes, where Zin’s bold fruitiness can balance the spice.

Zinfandel and Aged Cheeses

Another of the best Zin wine pairings is with delightful, aged cheeses. The robust tannins and fruit-forward characteristics pair wonderfully with a variety of cheeses. Such rich and flavorful cheeses as aged cheddar, gouda, and even a bleu cheese will complement the wine’s complexity.

Zinfandel’s fruitiness interplays beautifully with the cheeses’ savory, nutty notes for an interesting combination on the palate.

Other Zinfandel Wine Pairing Suggestions

Here are some of the best recipes to serve, suggested by Discover California Wines, at your next Zinfandel dinner:

  • Mini Stuffed Peppers offer a spiciness that works well with a spicy stuffed pepper, sourced locally, of course.
  • Sheet Pan Chicken, served with Blueberry Zinfandel Barbeque Sauce, is a favorite Julia Child recipe.
  • Mushroom, Kale, and Butternut Squash Pasta is a warm, delicious comfort food that likely will be repeated through the wintertime.
  • Wild Turkey with Wild Rice and Kale Stuffing reminds us that turkey is not only for Thanksgiving.
  • Blueberry BBQ Sauce is somewhat sweet with the right amount of heat.

Make Your Reservations to Experience Scott Harvey Wines

Don’t forget to visit Scott Harvey Wines during your next visit to the region. This remarkable winemaker, Scott Harvey, spent time in both Europe and Napa Valley before moving to Plymouth, CA, to create his own winery.

The hillsides near this award-winning winery are perfect for growing Zinfandel grapes and have proven to create wines that are perfect for the best Zin wine pairings.

Visit the Scott Harvey website to learn more and schedule your next wine tasting at one of their three locations. If you have questions, phone the winery at 209-245=3670.