Zinfandel has long been a fan favorite among many wine lovers. While Cabernet Sauvignon and others have drawn past the notable Zin in recent years in popularity, the varietal continues to thrive in many areas.

Grapes for this popular wine are grown in various regions, each one offering a distinct flavor and texture. Drinkers will note that even among the California major growers in Napa Valley, Sonoma, Paso Robles, and Amador County, the local terroir will produce decidedly unique and different flavors influenced by their distinct growing conditions.

Even the age of the vines can impact the final depth and complexity of the Zinfandel. Some experts look particularly for “old vine” Zinfandel to render a richer and more nuanced tasting experience.

Look for Wineries that Focus on Zinfandel

While Zinfandel has gained and shifted popularity over the years, its importance has not changed. During a brief and well-documented phase of the 1980s, the so-called White Zin had a major splash of success before falling back among its competitors.

Today Red Zinfandel maintains a steady share of the market, always an important player among wines in areas where the quality tends to shine.

Some wineries specialize in Zinfandel production with reputations for crafting exceptional expressions of the varietal. Certain wineries like Scott Harvey Wines in Amador County, California, have been working with Zinfandel to source the best grapes and create exceptional wines.

For the consumer, this can become a matter of research and exploration, discovering the Zinfandels that match their preferences consistently.

Discovering Your Zin

Wine reviews, ratings, and recommendations from trusted sources can provide valuable insights into the quality and characteristics of specific Zinfandel wines.

Also attending Zinfandel-focused tasting events and festivals can offer a chance to sample many different versions in a single location to help you narrow the search. Also, don’t forget to ask for favorites from trusted sources like sommeliers, wine shop staff, and other professionals. These experts can offer insights into specific Zinfandels that may align with your choices.

Wine Clubs can be a source of top Zinfandels providing members with access to top-quality exclusive releases and small-production favorites.

Experiment with Food Pairings

Zinfandel wines can vary from one vintage to the next due to changes in growing conditions. And, of course, elevation, soil, and moisture will impact the characteristics of the grapes in different locations. The consistent conditions in Amador County are the main reasons why Scott Harvey Wines are excellent Zinfandel sources.

The wine is versatile in food pairings. Try pairing your next Zinfandel with barbeque or hearty stew to create a delightful, well-paired combination.

Visit Scott Harvey Wines in Amador County

Connect with Scott Harvey Wines for your next adventure to view a slightly different, more relaxed approach to winemaking.

Scott Harvey spent several years developing world-class, award-winning wines in Napa Valley before moving over to adopt a new challenge in the more elevated and remote vineyards of Amador County.

This new terroir produces different versions of some of the same varietals while showing the strongest indications of outstanding Zinfandel grapes and others.

Visit the Scott Harvey Wines website to discover a whole new world of winemaking and enjoy a relaxed life at the winery.

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