Sutter Creek, California, is a winemaking gem that more wine enthusiasts are discovering each day. While many people still flock to Napa Valley and other wine regions, this evolving gem is getting plenty of attention.

Scott Harvey Wines is a major reason for the appeal to this area. This boutique winery, amidst other Amador County wineries, is drawing notice for its handcrafted, flavorful wines that showcase the region’s unique terroir.

Explore Scott Harvey Wines in Sutter Creek, California, and discover the essence of this gold country winery’s appeal.

Visit Scott Harvey Wines

One of the genuine focal points of Gold Country’s appeal is Scott Harvey Wines. Since his appearance here in Amador County, following prior experience in Europe and Napa Valley, Scott has made the area a home. He has focused on the attributes of Zinfandel and, more recently, Barbera which has proven to be the real strength of the area.

These excellent wines are shaped by Sutter Creek’s terroir, creating wines that excel in flavor and appeal. During your next visit to Scott Harvey Wines for a tasting, focus on how the Sutter Creek wineries create exceptional characteristics in the wines produced here.

Savor the Distinct Wines Produced in Amador County

The notable characteristics of the wines produced in Amador County are different that those you may have experienced elsewhere. The terroir produces grapes that thrive here and happen to be less popular elsewhere. The growing conditions bring out the best in the flavors of the wines, and visitors really enjoy the change.

Discover the unique flavors here as you participate in a wine tasting at one of Scott Harvey Wines three different winetasting locations. These are the Shenandoah Winery and Tasting Room, Sutter Creek Tasting Room, and the Old Sugar Mill in the Sacramento Delta in Clarksburg CA.

You are requested to make a reservation in advance at any of these locations.

What Your Learn During a Visit to Scott Harvey Wines

Besides tasting the wines and carefully paired food pairings during your wine tasting, you will also learn some things about Scott Harvey’s winemaking philosophy and the sustainable practices that the vineyards and winery practice.

Besides being educational, you will find the experience unforgettable.

Make Your Reservations for a Wine Tasting Now

Making your reservations for a visit to sample Scott Harvey Wines is easy and straightforward. You can do this by visiting the Scott Harvey website and simply complete one of the three forms there. Note the Hours of Operation for each.

You can phone Scott Harvey Wines at (209)-245-3670 if you have questions about Sutter Creek wineries, your wine tasting event, or any other.