Wine tasting rooms are destinations for thousands of people each year, every person looking for the magic of blending the right wines and foods. While each has its own style and approach, tasting rooms everywhere differ.

The mission is the same in most wine-tasting rooms: create an environment where customers are comfortable, ready to taste, and will learn about the unique qualities of each wine.

The Art of Wine Tasting

Wines are designed to be enjoyed in an ideal setting. A wine tasting offers a sensory experience where individuals can learn about identifying the sight, smell, taste, and texture of the wines.

And the ambiance of the wine tasting room can impact the perception of the wines. Details like lighting, décor, and even music can affect a customer’s taste perception, and many wineries strive to find the right balance.

A Murray State University study shows that lower lighting levels will increase the customers’ perception of the flavor of food. This finding can also be valid for the taste of wine and the food paired with it.

Tasting Room Layout and Design

Many wine-tasting rooms incorporate unique décor to add atmosphere to the event and help customers feel and taste the virtues of their wines. Some wineries choose an elegant aura with books, art, and even darker wood features, while others attempt a more whimsical approach. In every instance, the intent is to get clients to focus more on the flavors of their wine and food pairings.

Engaging with the Experts

Usually, a sommelier or knowledgeable staff member will lead the tasting and discussion. The expert will guide the tasters through each step of the tasting, first through how to taste and then more about what they are tasting. With each sip, the leader will highlight specific attributes the taster should look for with each sip, helping them draw conclusions about the wine.

Wine tasters must be careful not to dominate the conversation but let the leader proceed with the discussion. Sometimes, the customer may have a question that deals only with the wine or food to help understand the leader’s suggestion.

Wine Tasting at Scott Harvey Wines

In Amador County, Scott Harvey Wines offers three different wine-tasting rooms. These are:

  • Shenandoah Valley Winery and Tasting Room at the home of Scott Harvey Wines, tasting can be held outside or inside, depending on the weather.
  • Sutter Creek Tasting Room in the heart of downtown Sutter Creek
  • The Old Sugar Mill Tasting Room at a one-of-a-kind location on the Sacramento Delta

Each location is ideal for special occasions like anniversaries, reunions, company gatherings, and more.

You can make your reservations for a future Scott Harvey Wine Tasting that will enlighten, entertain, and educate while offering a great deal of fun.

For reservations for a future tasting session in one of the beautiful wine-tasting rooms, visit the Scott Harvey Wines website. You can also phone the winery with your questions at 209-245-3670.