The recent grape crop has been harvested, sorted, selected, and pressed for Amador County wineries to produce outstanding wines. Finally, vineyard managers and crews can sit back and reflect on the previous season’s successes while waiting for their vines to awaken from winter dormancy. Right?

“Au contraire,” as the French would say. The painstaking work to prepare for the next crop cycle has already begun.

Moving on, the new crop year

Following the late fall harvest, the vineyards surrounding the Amador County wineries are laden with extensive canopy growth from the prior season, with dead branches and scraps lining the vineyard rows.

Following the harvest, cleanup, fertilizer treatments, and disease management applications were performed in anticipation of freezing temperatures. Then, when the vines reach dormancy, usually around the beginning of the year, well-trained crews begin the tedious and precise task of pruning the individual vines.

Selective, careful pruning is vital for any successful annual crop development.

Importance of Pruning

The goal of annual pruning is to cut back virtually all the prior year’s foliage and guide each vine in directions that will yield the best results. Precision pruning supports vine health and heavily impacts the vine’s profile while enhancing crop yields.

Strategic timing can also be a consideration. Some vineyard managers delay the pruning process for certain varieties by a few weeks to coordinate more efficient harvesting and production later in the season.

Scott Harvey Wines celebrates the oldest Zinfandel vineyard in America

Besides producing some of the best Zinfandel wine around, Scott Harvey Wines regularly organizes many of the most fun and unique gatherings of all the Amador County wineries.

One important upcoming celebration for Scott Harvey’s Griffin Society Wine Club Members and guests is the Original Grandpére Zinfandel Tour and Passport Wine Tasting event scheduled for Saturday, January 21, and Sunday, January 22. The event will be hosted by three Amador County wineries, Scott Harvey Winery, Vino Noceto, and Andis Winery.

These three Amador County wineries continue to incorporate the output from this ancient vineyard.

As attendees can celebrate the hosted 153rd birthday of the 1869 Zinfandel vineyard, the “Original Grandpére Vineyard,” guests can reserve their spaces for a Tour and Tasting on either day.

The Saturday event will be hosted by Scott Harvey, a longtime proprietor and winemaker in Napa Valley and, most recently, in his namesake winery in Amador County.

Make reservations for the original Grandpére Zinfandel Tour

A fascinating experience, guests can learn more about the history of the local Amador County wineries and vineyards while tasting the best Zinfandel wines and more.

You can make your reservations by visiting the Scott Harvey Wines website. Prospective guests can elect to participate in the Tour and Passport Tasting ($79 per guest or $69 for Members) or only the Passport Tasting ($59 per guest or $49 for members.)

Come to our Amador County wineries to experience the flavors and nuances of the best Zinfandel wines produced from the grapes of a century-old Amador County vineyard.