collage photo of the five senses.

Sensory Party Club Release


Griffin Society Members!

Step into a world of heightened senses at the Sensory Party Club Release, an exclusive event by Scott Harvey Wines. Join us for an enchanting day of discovery, celebration, and connection, as we introduce our latest club release wines in a truly immersive way.

Touch: Immerse yourself in the terroir as you feel soil samples from diverse vineyards and tactile elements of the grapevine plant.
Taste: Delight your palate by sampling grapes from various varietals, uncovering the essence of our wines from vine to bottle.
Smell: Dive into the aromatic world of Scott Harvey Wines, discerning the intricate scents that make each wine a masterpiece.
See: Learn to capture the visual poetry of wines, appreciating their hues and subtleties in a whole new light.
Hear: Elevate your experience with a unique music and wine pairing exercise, where melodies harmonize with our wines.

Reservations reccommended

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