While most wine lovers are familiar with the wine-growing conditions of Napa Valley and Sonoma County, Amador County is becoming an even more significant player in the industry. Their bold Zinfandels, Barberas and other wines produced here have unique and flavorful characteristics from the fruit grown in the ancient volcanic soils at high-elevation vineyards.

The terroir in Amador County and the Sierra Foothills distinctly differs from the conditions in other California growing areas, featuring wines that present flavors and styles not duplicated elsewhere.

History of Amador County

Amador County, California, located about 100 miles east of Napa, has a unique history that transcends its winemaking aspects. Thousands of pioneers were drawn to the area by the 1848-1850 Gold Rush, and many decided to stay.

The county happens to be the only one in the state named after a native Californian- Jose Maria Amador. A wealthy rancher, even before the gold rush, Amador and employees mined the region and discovered outcroppings of gold along the creek that passed through his property.

Soon, Amador City appeared, with as many as four to six thousand residents coming to work on the various functions related to gold.

While the gold would eventually run out, settlers also learned that the area was perfect for particular wine grapes. The D’Augostini Winery (now Sobon Estate) has produced wines since Adam Uhlinger imported grapevines from Europe in 1856.

Amador County Today

Today, there are over 50 wineries currently operating in Amador County. While Zinfandel has always prospered in the region, other varietals have been produced successfully during the past twenty years.

A few of the more notable wineries here are Scott Harvey Wines, Terra d’Oro Winery, Villa Toscano Winery, Amador Cellars, Helwig Vineyard and Winery, Andis Wines, Bella Grace Vineyards, Borjon Winery, and more.

Each of these offers unique experiences, so plan to visit the region.

Exploring the Wine Routes of Amador County

The drive to Amador County is exquisite, and visitors can marvel at the breathtaking scenery they encounter. Some wine routes connect each of the growing and winemaking areas.

Amador County sits in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, offering unique views and vantage points. Wineries in the region are sprinkled throughout the area, creating incredible, scenic drives from place to place.

Begin your wine adventure exploring this pioneering wine region with world-renowned Zinfandel, Barbera, Sangiovese, Tempranillo, Syrah, Viognier, and Roussanne, allowing guests to explore many of the world’s wine varietals in one general location.

While a short drive from many destinations, Amador Wine Country is worlds away from the everyday.

Many wine tastings will include food pairings that emphasize the farm-to-table culinary preferences of the area.

A visit to the region will immerse you in the local lifestyle and activities beyond wine tasting.

Visit Scott Harvey Wines

You can experience Scott Harvey Wines at three locations: the winery in Plymouth, CA, downtown Sutter Creek, and the Old Sugar Mill at a historic site on the Sacramento Delta. Tastings are held outdoors or inside when the weather is not cooperating.

You can enjoy the Zinfandels, Barberas, and other varietals and blends the winery produces during your visit.

Make your reservations for a delightfully entertaining wine tasting and enjoy the magnificent scenery. You can plan your visit on the Scott Harvey website.

Or you can phone directly at 209-245-3670.