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Scott Harvey Wines

The Scott Harvey Wines focus on Scott’s roots, the mountain vineyards of Amador County where he grew up and his grandfather grew old vine Zinfandel.  The region has a wonderful ability to produce wines of place allowing Scott to make the rich full bodied Barbera and Old Vine Zinfandel exemplifying the mountain terroir of Amador County.  Being a European trained winemaker, these balanced Old World style wines show  an amazing ability  for being served with your best meals.

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Jana Wines

22 years ago Scott was asked to take over a winery in Napa Valley.  There he met Jana and they soon became a wine country family.  In 2004, they started Scott Harvey Wines and Jana Winery. Jana loves the Sauvignon Blanc and Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Scott makes so much that they decided these wines would all be produced under the Jana label. Loving to cook together, they taste each proposed blend with dinner before deciding on the final blend.  Truly great wines made for great cuisine.

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Trios & Verticals

Scott learned how to make wine in Europe where wine is made to be a part of the overall dinning experience.  His schooling and apprenticeship taught him how to produce wine from perfectly developed ripe grapes, not over ripe grapes.  He has developed the art of making wine that not only tells you its story of place, variety and vintage but does so in a wine that will age for 10 to 15 years.  We cellar a small amount of our Reserves and Cabernet Sauvignon so you can appreciate these wines at their true potential. Our library program shows Scott’s long history for making flavorful Ice Wine and Late Bottled Vintage fortified wines that show wines that last for 25 plus years.

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