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by Jana Harvey on August 2, 2010


There is a wonderful way to purchase wine at great values over the internet on a website called wine.woot.com.  A guy we fellow wooters call "Wine David" runs the site.  About three years ago, Wine David approached us about offering a couple of our wines on the website.  He first negotiates your best published price and then offers it as a three or four day woot offering that ships for a flat $7.  Individual wooters then can enter into a discussion thread with the winemaker piping in to answer their questions.  Each wooter creates a woot name to identify themselves.  They range from RPM to Woopdedoo to Joatman to Hit anyKey.  Mine is simply "ScottHarveyWines".  These wooters are from all over the USA.  They have created such a strong community that they plan trips and tastings together all over the States.  Twice now they have done a Northern California Wine tour.  The first one was in 2008 and the last one just two weeks ago.  We were fortunate enough to be one of the stops on the tour and hosted a wine dinner in the vineyard.  Many of our most loyal customers have been introduced to us through Wine Woot.  To read the Woot thread and see the pictures about the tour, go to:

Wine.Woot: The Community: World of Woot Wine: Field Notes from the
Scott had set up a “guess the varietal” contest, with three Scott Harvey wines of different varietals in paper bags; even with the three varietals given to

The 2010 woot tour was planned and run by two wooters, being RPM and Woopedoo.  I'm quoting one of the wooters "Joatmon" about what he had to say about the dinner.  This was the end of day two of a three day tour.

"Last stop was at Scott Harvey's home, where he had set up several tastings stations of various Harvey and Jana wines, a pitcher of the white sangria made from One Last Kiss white wine, and some nibble food.  He also had invited a couple of his winemaker friends: Clark Smith who makes wine with no added sulfites and Tony Norskog, who is America's largest producer of organic and no sulfite added wines and was Scott Harvey's first padawan.  Clark Smith is an interesting character with a lot of strong opinions about a lot of things including wine making and shared quite a few  of his his wines with us.  Scott had set up a "guess the varietal" contest, with three Scott Harvey wines of different varietals in paper bags; even with the three varietals given to us, only three managed to match the right varietal with the right wine, and mother won the drawing to wine the duoble magnum of inZinerator; the other two won magnums.  We then had a lovely sit down dinner at tables in the vineyard: a great tritip that was bar-b-qued with a lot of spices, chicken skewers, veggie skewers, fresh corn on the cob, new potatoe slad, tomatoe slices capresse, sliced bread, and homemade blackberry pie and ice cream.  And lots of really great wines from Scott.  We left after 9, and well after dark."

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