Winemaker’s Dilemma – When to bottle wine

by Jana Harvey on May 4, 2013

A wine maker is always being pulled in more than one direction when making the decision on when to bottle a wine.  Of course, the winemaker never wants to bottle until the wine is ready.  Put often there are other forces at play pushing us to bottle early.

Back in the 70’s there was an ad campaign for Paul Mason where Orson Wells used the slogan “We bottle no wine before its time”.  Between the winemakers you’ll often hear them saying;

“We bottle no wine before its time and the banker says it’s time.”

“We bottle no wine before its time and the sales department says its time.”

“We bottle no wine before its time and the marketing department says its time.”

“We sell no wine before its time and the winery owner says its time.”

Through the wine’s life in the winery the winemaker is closely watching the wine as it develops and the last thing we want to do is compromise the wine by bottling before it is ready.  Currently, we are running out wines to sell and the new wines are not quite ready.  So, I end up commiserating with Jana on running out of wine to sell, but hold fast on bottling no wine before its time.

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