What wine goes with Alligator?

by Jana Harvey on June 21, 2009

Scott loves to try weird foods.  When we travel, he'll pick the strangest thing on the menu.  He is a very adventurous eater.  For me, growing up in the midwest, I'm  pretty traditional when it comes to food.  As much as he loves making wine, I think he would covet Andrew Zimmern's job on Bizarre Foods

Much to my dismay, Scott has found some local sources to satisfy his exotic tastes.  There's a great  vegetable/fruit stop off of Highway 80 that we pass quite often going from Napa Valley to Amador Country.  Scott discovered much to his delight, that in addition to great prices on oranges and apples, they carry alligator in the freezer.  He couldn't resist.  While it comes marinated to try to mitigate its chewy character, Scott barbeques it with a butter/garlic sauce.  The marinade and the sauce can't quite disguise its rather fishy flavor.  This is one food that doesn't taste like chicken.

The question we then had was what wine would be best with the alligator?.    There was no doubt–it was the Jana Rose. Riesling would've also worked because of its versatility.  What wine would you choose?Alligatorpairing

We have a freezer full of Rocky Mountain Oysters, rattlesnake, goat, and elk.  I'm sure there will be other delicacies added so stay tuned for some unique food and wine pairings.

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