Verasion in the Napa Valley

by Jana Harvey on August 7, 2009

It's August in Napa Valley and a buzz word dominates the conversations between winemakers and growers.  The word verasion signals the beginning of harvest.  We all know that a high energy time of year is right around the corner.

There is certainly a lot of excitement at our house when verasion starts.  The reason that verasion is important is because it tells us when harvest will be.  When the first berries start turning purple, we record that date.  During the next two week period, we record the changes.  Once all the grapes are purple (full verasion) it will be 40 to 45 days until harvest.  We know now when we are going to be really busy.  I get excited as I discoverthe distinctive characteristics that this vintage gives us as I taste the first purple berries.  This vintage is shaping up to be one of the best!Verasion2

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