The development of a label

by Jana Harvey on October 14, 2008

Hi, this is Scott Harvey, first time I've posted in over a year.  Jana, has been asking me to start posting, so I thought I  would start with talking about the development of our Angel Ice label. Angel Ice Bottle I went to wine making school (WeinbauSchule) in Germany and developed a love for Ice Wines.  It doesn't get cold enough in California to produce Ice Wine from grapes frozen on the vine. To make Ice Wine here, I have to first pick the grapes and freeze them in a big drive-in freezer.  I actually like making Ice Wine better this way because I have better control of the freezing temperature. This makes it possible to press off at the perfect temperature for production of the best Ice Wine.  Because the grapes are not frozen on the vine, legally I can not call it Ice Wine.  This creates a situation where we have to think up a proprietary name for the wine that lets the wine drinker know that it is an Ice Wine with out using the term Ice Wine. 

In developing the label, I went to my and Jana's nephew, (Michael Harants, a commercial Artst that developed this label along with the Jana and the INZinerator labels for us) and asked him to develop art work with a fairy like creature flying over a bunch of grapes with a wand. To have the creature taping the grapes with the wand freezing it and showing the nectar dripping out of the bottom of the grapes into a wine glass.  The next two iillustrations are the first prototypes he came up with.

I told Michael I liked the one on the left, but he had to put a dress on her, or else the TTB (the people at the Federal Government that approve all wine labels) would not give us label approval.

Angel_Ice    SittingGirl_Ice  So the next label is what we received and accepted. 

                                                     Angel_Ice03  Better yet, Michael names all of his art work.  He called this piece Angel Ice.  Jana and I said "That's perfect, we'll call the wine Angel Ice". Now we had both the label art and the name.  You can read about the wine .

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Mike Duffy October 16, 2008 at 1:44 pm

Hi, Scott and Jana.
Discovered your winery blog via, and added it to our comprehensive list of winery blogs:
Glad you’ve started posting again. I look forward to reading more.


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