The AHA moment of getting bit by the wine bug

by Jana Harvey on March 1, 2009

Wine Spectator, a popular wine magazine, has introduced a contest sending a video describing that “AHA moment” when you fell in love with wine.  For many people, it was tasting one certain wine that sent them over the edge.  Scott frequently tells the story of when he was sent to Germany as an exchange student and was by chance sent to a winemaking town.  He had barely arrived when he was handed a glass of wine.  Looking out the window at acres of vineyards, Scott got out his German dictionary and asked the question “does this wine come from those grapes?”  They said “yes, it does.  Would you like to see where it’s made?”—and the rest is history.

I love this story.  Fortunately, when we were in Germany, I videod Scott in that very vineyard telling his story.  Here is a very rough version of his story in his own words.

What was your “AHA moment”?

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