Scott Harvey

Latest awards for Scott Harvey Wines confirm that lower alcohol wine appeals to wine enthusiasts and judges. According to Napa Valley winemaker, Scott Harvey, balance is the key to winemaking.

Saint Helena, CA (PRWEB)

Lower alcohol wine represents Napa Valley Winemaker Scott Harvey’s commitment to making wine that is drinkable, enjoyable, and enhances good food. At last, new tastes in wine are catching up to Scott Harvey’s training.

The winemaker is not alone in his views about the superiority of lower alcohol wines. According to Richard Halstead, CEO of global market research Wine Intelligence, “Alcoholic strength of wine is an issue that consumers take seriously across the world.” According to Drinks International, “there has been widespread criticism of 15.5% alcohol blockbusters and requests for winemakers to aim lower.”

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Scott Harvey Highlights for 2012

by Jana Harvey on December 28, 2012

What a terrific year we’ve had spending time with our Wine Club members and customers.  As the year draws to a close, we’ve been reminiscing on some of the great times we shared.

The grape stomp at the Norton Vineyard (Old Vine Zinfandel vineyard) was a standout.  What amazing competitors we had.


The Victors

The Victors

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Vineyards in the Middle of the Atlantic Ocean

by Jana Harvey on July 1, 2012

Horta, Azores

Viewing all of the messages from crews making their way across the Atlantic

This was the second stop as Scott and I crossed the Atlantic on the Oceania cruise ship.  The Azores are an archipelago of nine Portuguese islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean–about 950 miles west of Lisbon.   We had an opportunity to visit two of the islands–Horta and Ponta Delgada.  Faial Island was the smaller of the two and looked like an ideal spot to take a break for yachts crossing the Atlantic in the town of Horta.  The sea wall is covered with hundreds of paintings and messages left by the sea-travelers who call in at the port.  In 1957 there was a great volcanic eruption and many of the residents were unable to make a living as their farms were covered with ash.  Many of the inhabitants emigrated to the U.S. aided by Senator John F. Kennedy.  A large number settled in the Central Valley of California.  Continue Reading


Scott with German mother

Scott with his German mother

Knowing German, I ended up hitting it off with the crew right away.  I helped in the galley and off shift drank a lot of Becks beer with the crew.  I remember us tossing the empty bottles out the port-hole window.  Early in the evening we were pretty good shots.  Later on, there ended up being a lot of broken beer bottles around the port-hole window.  The passage took 14 days and went through some rough North Atlantic storms.  There were times when waves washed over the whole ship leaving only the tower we were in above water.  From Rotterdam I hitch hiked across Holland and Belgium into Germany.  I remember giving the German border control people a bottle of California wine.  Don’t know if I needed to, but it sure got me over the border.  Today with the European Union, there are no border guards between Belgium and Germany.  I hitch hiked on to my German exchange student parents and told them I wanted to become a wine maker.  I ended up staying with them for another year jumping into the second year of a two year wine making (Kellermeister) program at Weinbau Schlue Neustadt.  To this day I’m still very close to my class mates and still call my German AFS exchange student mother every week.  She is 88 years old now.
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Becoming a Winemaker can be a Great Adventure

by Scott Harvey on June 7, 2012

Scott Harvey hitchiking across the U.S.

Scott leaving the Sierras for Florida

Back in 1972 I was sent to Germany as a high school AFS (American Field Service) exchange student.  It changed my life.  I was placed in a  wine making region (Rheinland Pfalz) with a family that was indirectly involved in the wine industry.  I spent much of my time working in the vineyards and enjoying the wines.  Not bad for an 18 year old who could not legally drink at home.  It was then that I was bitten by the wine bug and dreamed about becoming a winemaker.
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Old Vine versus Young Vine

by Scott Harvey on April 25, 2012

140 year old vineScott Harvey and Jana Wines produce a number of “Old Vine” wines from our 143 year old “Vineyard 1869” Zinfandel to my Grandfather’s  88 year old “J&S Reserve Old Vine” Zinfandel.  We even produce “Jana Old Vine” Rieslings from both Napa Valley and Mendocino County.  What makes wine from an old vine vineyard different than that from a young vineyard? [click to continue…]


The then and now of Grape Stomping

October 5, 2010

Those of us who are Baby Boomers have etched in our memories the image of Lucy and Ethel stomping grapes in large wooden vats. For many of us, it’s the epitome of winemaking. Life throws many challenges at winemakers as we wrestle with transforming those beautiful grapes into a wonderful bottle of wine. This year, […]

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Our 2010 Harvest has begun with a new Jana Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc

September 7, 2010

Scott, Bill (our harvest intern)  and I arrived today at the picking site on Lodi Lane in St. Helena to the happy sounds of the pickers singing.  Since this was my first sauvignon blanc harvest, I asked the vineyard manager why they were so happy.  He told me the pickers like Sauvignon Blanc.  They get paid […]

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