Star Trek and our InZinerator Wine

by Jana Harvey on May 8, 2009

The long anticipated release is finally here.  We know who was one of the first in line–our nephew, Michael Harants.  Michael has been an artist as long as I can remember.  His creativity was amazing.  We all marveled at his imagination.  It was natural that when he went to Cal State Long Beach, he would major in art.

True to the stereotype of the “starving artist”, Michael found it difficult to get work after graduation.  Timing was great for us because we had just started our wine company and needed a graphic artist for our label development.  Michael was available and eager. He came up with several concepts for our InZinerator label and we took them all.  Because of the comic book style art, we originally thought our target market would be comic book collectors and gamers.  It was Michael’s suggestion to produce a DVD with the label art.  It enabled him to use many of the skills he had learned. We had originally planned to market our wines at venues like Comic Con but were told it was a family event and we were unable to promote an alcoholic beverage.  The DVD became Michael’s resume and launched his career. It helped him snag the job on the Star Trek movie working on special effects for one of the Starships.  We’re very proud of him but, alas, can no longer afford him.

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