Shareholder Meeting Part II – The event

by Jana Harvey on July 14, 2009

Now that I've explained the parameters leading into our fifth annual shareholder meeting, I'll tell you how it went.

For the last four years we have always had the shareholder meeting in St Helena at our office and home.  We have a lot of shareholders from both sides of the Sierra's, the foothills and from Reno.  This time they asked to have the meeting in Amador county where we get so many of our grapes.  What a great idea, the venue not only made for an interesting time, but was much less expensive.

As the shareholders where showing up for an 11 AM meeting they where greeted in the banquet hall of Teresa's Restaurant in Jackson, Amador County with a cold glass of the Jana Rose.  Teresa's is a famous old family style Italian restaurant that started out as a boarding house for the gold miners, built and operated by Teresa Giurlani.  Today it is still producing wonderful family style dinners and is run by Teresa's grandchildren of which Phil and Jenny Giurlani are shareholders. 

Following the meeting we progressed right into a tasting of the new releases, all the 2006 vintages of the Scott Harvey Mt. Selection and J&S Reserve Zinfandel, Barbera and Syrahs as well as the new vinatge of the Jana 2005 Cathedral.  The Cathedral is our Napa Valley top of the line meritage style Cabernet Sauvignon blend.

The  tasting moved right along into lunch preparred by Joe Giurlani.  He has prepared many a great wine dinner for me and my guest over the last 30 years.  When I ran Santino Winery and had a wine distributor group in town, I always went to Joe to take good care of them.  Lunch kept coming one course after another and went great with the wines.  We finished lunch around 2 PM.  The group was instucted to go get some rest and report back to the Teresa's parking lot at 4 PM for a vineyard tour.

We meet at 4 PM to car pool to four of the main vineyards we produce the Scott Harvey wines from.  The first vineyard was the Bowman Zinfandel.  It was planted in 1974 and produces the bulk of out Mt. Selection Zinfandel.  It sits on top of the highest hill in the Shenandoah Valley having an amazing view of all the surrounding vineyards.  Shareholders' Dick Bowman, Jo Gledhill along with son Chuck poured us a glass of the Zinfandel as they pointed out all the other vineyards we were going to visit.  Next stop was fellow shareholder Bruce Manby's  Barbera Vineyard that is farmed by my ex-wife Terri Harvey.  As we tasted and enjoyed the wine she showed the group the difference in how Barbera looks and is farmed from Zinfandel.  The next was her own vineyard which is the oldest documented Zinfandel vineyard in America.  We produce the Zinfandel labeled "Vineyard 1869" from this vineyard.  1869 is the date of the deed that substanciates the age of the vineyard.  The deed was signed by Ulysses S. Grant in 1869.  As she was talking about the old vines I ended up stepping on a small Rattle Snake which pretty much ended the lecture as she went and got a shovel and promptly cut the snake in half.  The last vineyard is also a sharholder vineyard owned by Charles Spinetta.  It produces our Mt. Selection Barbera.  We walked out into the vineyard at 104 degrees and blesssed the new 2009 vintage still maturing on the vines by tossing a small amount of our Barbera on the vines.  This is done every year to bless the new vinatge so that it knows how to develop into a great vinatge like the previous ones.

For those shareholders that lasted through the vineyard tour, we all met up at Teresa's for dinner.  As usual, we weren't given any menus and left it to Joe to razzle dazzle us.  He did of course and the wines went well with the company and the meal.

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