Therapy for sanity when starting a business

by Jana Harvey on April 30, 2006

Scottjpg Scott returning from his morning bike ride.  With all the challenges in building a wine company, one needs to get the juices flowing.

Speaking of juices, next comes my favorite part of the morning.  Scott makes fresh orange juice for us every morning using his "Juicemaker".  This process uses the entire orange and a few apples for sweetness.  Scott methodically takes all the zest off every orange because the zest is poisonous.  It’s certainly a healthy way to start the day.  Scott really enjoys it because he says that’s really what his job is–making juice!

When things get rough, it really helps that we are in such a spectacular place as Napa Valley.  We look out the window onto the beautiful 70 acre vineyard on which we live.  It’s great to get out hiking in the surrounding hills and enjoy the scenery.  It’s immediate rejuvenation.Napa_valley_from_pinnacles

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