Scott and the Zangmeisters

by Jana Harvey on January 8, 2009

Scott and Zangmeister  In 1972 I was sent to Germany as an AFS exchange student.  I was placed with the Zangmeister family in the beautiful Rhineland Pfalz wine growing region.  I ended up going back to Germany in 1976 to live with the same family and go to winemaking school (WeinBau Schule) there.  My tie to this family and the classmates from school is till strong today.  For the last two weeks of November Jana & I were able to go back staying with and visiting my family and schoolmates. Over the years I have been fortunate to also host young European apprentice winemakers here in California.  I hosted two from the Czech Republic who when Jana and I were in Prague we got to taste and enjoy the wines produced there.

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