Sailing the High Seas to Germany to become a Winemaker – Part 2

by Jana Harvey on June 11, 2012

Scott with German mother

Scott with his German mother

Knowing German, I ended up hitting it off with the crew right away.  I helped in the galley and off shift drank a lot of Becks beer with the crew.  I remember us tossing the empty bottles out the port-hole window.  Early in the evening we were pretty good shots.  Later on, there ended up being a lot of broken beer bottles around the port-hole window.  The passage took 14 days and went through some rough North Atlantic storms.  There were times when waves washed over the whole ship leaving only the tower we were in above water.  From Rotterdam I hitch hiked across Holland and Belgium into Germany.  I remember giving the German border control people a bottle of California wine.  Don’t know if I needed to, but it sure got me over the border.  Today with the European Union, there are no border guards between Belgium and Germany.  I hitch hiked on to my German exchange student parents and told them I wanted to become a wine maker.  I ended up staying with them for another year jumping into the second year of a two year wine making (Kellermeister) program at Weinbau Schlue Neustadt.  To this day I’m still very close to my class mates and still call my German AFS exchange student mother every week.  She is 88 years old now.

Sailing in style this time as a winemaker

Sailing the Atlantic on the Regatta

I’ve always wanted to take a ship across the Atlantic again.  This time I have a little more money and can go in style.  June 10th, my wife Jana and I will be taking the Oceania cruise ship Regatta from Miami to Barcelona.  Last year I was hired by the same cruise line to lecture aboard  a ZAP Mediterranean cruse about Zinfandel.  This time I won’t have to work.  From the ship, we’ll keep posting on this blog about the passage.   Time on the ship is also 14 days, as before, but this time I won’t be working in the galley and will be drinking fine wines as well some Becks beer.  These days the bottles will be recycled.  Passage across the Atlantic will be faster, but we will be stopping along the way in Bermuda, the Azores and Spain.  Looking forward to keeping you posted.

One of the best examples of Scott’s German training can be sampled in his 2009 Jana Mendocino Riesling.  Try and see for yourself.

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tom Luther June 11, 2012 at 11:22 am

Hi Jana,
Enjoy reading about your globetrotting!
Tom Luther
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