Zinfandel Recipes


Apple Glazed BBQ Baby Back Ribs
Bacon-wrapped Pork Roast
Balsamic-Marinated Steak and Unstuffed Mushrooms
Beef Stroganoff
Bill’s Tailgate Chili
Cheddar BLT Burgers with Tarragon Russian Dressing
Chili Burgers
Chipotle Grilled Filets
Coq Au Vin
Coriander Dusted Roast Beef
Cured Buffalo Sirloin Roast with Mushroom Jus

Double Cut Pork Chops with Mustard Sauce
Flank Steak with Goat Cheese on Toast
Gingered Crab Topping
Grilled Asian Beef Kebabs Over Rice
Grilled Beef with Sesame Dressing
Grilled Flank Steak Salad with Lime & Mustard Vinaigrette
Grilled Zinfandel Peaches
Hasenpfeffer (Rabbit Stew)
Horseradish-Crusted Roast Beef
Italian Beef Stew
Korean BBQ Short Ribs
Lamb Burgers with Tzatziki Sauce
Lamb Chops with Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce
Lamb Shepherd’s Pie
Lamb Stew
Open-Faced Steak Sandwiches on Grilled Garlic Bread w/ Aged Provolone
Pork Skewers with Spicy Red Wine Marinade
Rib-Eye Steak au Poivre
Rigatoni with Roasted Butternut Squash and Pancetta
Roasted Butternut Squash Lasagna
Seared Tuna on Heirloom Tomatoes
Short Rib Farrotto with Carots & Parsnips
Sirloin Burgers with Blue Cheese and Arugula
Slow Cooker Spicy Brisket with Texas Caviar
Smoked Ribs with Maple Horseradish Glaze
Smoked Sausage Jambalaya
Smoky Buffalo Chili
Steak Bordelaise
Stuffed Leg of Lamb with Cranberry Sauce
Sweet Potatoes with Cuban Style Beef
2014 Mountain Selection Zinfandel
$25.00/bottle ~ $20.00/club price
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Scott Harvey Old Vine Zinfandel
2015 Old Vine Reserve
$39.00/bottle ~ $31.20/club price
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Jana Napa Valley Old Vine Zinfandel
2012 Jana Napa Valley Old Vine
$40.00/bottle ~ $32.00/club price
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Scott Harvey Vineyard 1869 Zinfandel
2014 Vineyard 1869
$48.00/bottle ~ $38.40/club price
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