Putting the wines to bed for the season

by Jana Harvey on November 16, 2009

Now that all the grapes are in and most are pressed off and in barrel, it is time to monitor Mother nature, trying to stay one step ahead of her.  When you think of it, the term winemaker is a misnomer.  We don’t make the wine, Mother nature makes it.  It is a natural process that goes from grape juice to vinegar.  We as winemakers only manage the path of the natural process it goes down and create conditions so the grape juice develops to the wine stage in the process and not all the way to vinegar.  So, now we are constantly pulling samples of the new wines.  Running sensory and lab evaluations to determine where the wine is in its development and deciding what conditions to create so that mother nature develops the nectar of the vine into wonderful delicious bottled poetry.  What a wonderful job being able to work side by side with Mother nature and be able to take such pleasure in the final product.   


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