Preparing the January Recipe for our new Gourmet Wine Club

by Jana Harvey on January 25, 2010

Wine Clubs are ubiquitious these days.  A large percentage of wineries have them, in addition to newspapers, public TV,food magazines, etc.  Our wine company has four–two four bottle clubs, the Griffin and Harvey Family and two 2 bottle clubs–1869 and a Jana Club.  When we were developing our club, we analyzed many and realized almost all offer similar benefits.

With the trend going towards people eating at home and with all the cooking shows, we decided to add a Wine & Food Pairing of the Month Club.  This is loosely based on the Flower of the Month or Book of the Month Clubs.  This consists of a recipe that Scott and I test with a different wine each month.  Because of a family relationship, we include a kitchen utensil from the Biggest Little Kitchen Store in Jackson to help prepare the recipe.

With football season and the January weather, we paired our Scott Harvey Syrah with a 6 hour chili.  After about three hours of the cooking process, I realized the chili would not only overwhelm the Syrah, it would be inedible.  Way too hot!  It must of been the Chile Chipotle Powder I used.  Went immediately to Google and found several suggestions at Chowhound.  I could try to "dilute" the heat by adding more meat and beans, or the best advice was to just make it all over without the chile powder and blend together.  Since the recipe already made enough for 10 you can imagine what the Harveys will be serving all month.


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