by Jana Harvey on November 19, 2008

ScottbarsJana & I are in Prague for a week enjoying a wonderful get away after harvest.  Got to use up all those hotel points and airline miles before they go away. Trying the local wines, they are nicely made dry fruit forward Rieslings, Muller Thurgau and Sauvignon Blanc.  Whites are better than reds, but what are really good are the wonderful beers and their price.  What a fairy tale city.  Having survived the last two world wars with out being bombed, the city is full of beautiful towers, the Medieval St. Charles bridge and the Castle. It has an interesting Jewish quarter, one of the best in Europe.  Of course our wine travels with us.  The first picture is looking north from the river Vltava up at the St. Charles bridge.  The second one and the one above are on the bridge in one of the many statues that line the bridge.Prague 006  Jstatue  In the last two weeks since the US election the exchange rate has gone from 13 Koruna to over 20.  So, we have been enjoying a better exchange rate being able to all the more enjoy these wines and the Czech beers.  Right now I'm drinking a wine labeled Ryzlinkrynsky which I assume to be Riesling.  It is from a producer called Lekavy in Moravia.  We have also had a Sauvignon Blanc from the same producer. Both wines are well made in a 12% dry crisp style.  Prices are about 160 Koruna, about $8 US.  Restaurant pricing is about double that in the stores.  The last two nights we had two red wines.  The first one is from a variety called Zweigeltrebe.  It was about 450 Koruna and one of the better reds.  It seems those red varieties that run darker red juice do better like Zweigelt and Dornfelder.  The wine was form the producer Bavory in Tanzberg in Mikvlov.  This is probably the Czech Republic's best wine region located in southern Moravia just north of Vienna.  We had a Czech wine making exchange student from this area at Folie a Deux.  He was a lot of fun.  The second red I assume came from more of a co-operative winery, it was non vintage from a variety called Svarovavrinecke.  More of a simple lighter red that was again well made telling a regional story.  Not sure about the varietal story since it was my first wine from this variety.  The wines are good and well priced, I don't see use selling much California wines here at the prices we would have to charge.

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