People always ask what is my favorite wine in our portfolio

by Jana Harvey on October 13, 2008

I almost always say–Jana Cathedral.  First of all, it has my name on the bottle.  That makes it pretty special to me.  It also represents the place where Scott proposed to me–Cathedral Rock in Sedona,Arizona–after four months, no less!  He said the vortex got him.  It’s an amazing place.
Scott has always been impressed with the Martin Vineyard where the Cabernet Sauvignon is grown for this wine.  It represents the largest percentage of fruit of the three Bordeaux varietals that the blend is composed of.  You can view here a short video of Scott describing the similarities of the 2008 vintage to our currently released 2004 vintage.  Appellation America describes perfectly what makes this region so special and the controversy around naming the appellation.  Can’t say that I found the name “Coombsville” very attractive either–especially for our very top of the line.
The area is actually a plateau.  When Scott was winemaker and president of Folie a Deux, this was his best Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard.  Fortunately, after the winery was sold, he was able to keep this contract.  Because this area is one of the cooler areas in Napa Valley, it has unique flavors that Scott refers to as pyrazines (it reminds me of a green tea character).  The vineyard was picked last week.  Scott brings me a glass of the fermenting juice to my desk every few days so I can see the progress of my “favorite wine.”

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