Bringing in 2010 with the new Jana Blanc de Noir Brut Sparkling Wine

by Jana Harvey on January 4, 2010

At 20 years old I served my winemaker apprenticeship in Germany's Rheinland Pfalz at a winery called K Fitz-Ritter.  It is the third oldest Sparkling Wine House in Germany and is still producing sparkling wine (known in German as Sekt) today. 

Therefore, I have always been interested in producing a Napa Valley Sparkling Wine under our label.  The opportunity has arrived with our just released Jana Pinot Noir, Blanc de Noir, Brut sparkling wine. 

This is wine that I actually made and put en Tirage back in 2003 for a custom crush client.  The custom crush client has released some of the wine for us to finish to our specifications and release under our Jana label.

The grapes are high end Napa Valley Pinot Noir and the wine was put on the yeast under the specifications to be a top of the line high end sparkler.  It was left en tirage (the yeast) for over five years.  Now, over five years later, we are disgorging it and dosaging it to our spefications before bringing it to market.  The longer a sparkling wine is left on tirage (the yeast) the finer the bubbles become and the more expensive the sparkling wine becomes.  Sparkling wine can age a long time while it is still on the yeast producing a high quality wine of distinction with very fine bubbles.

Once the sparkling wine is riddled (a process that moves the yeast to the crown cap) and then disgorged (the process of shooting out the yeast plug) and then dosaged (the process of topping the bottle back off) and corked and wirehooded it starts to age.  Therefore, once sparkling wine comes to market it should be consumed within two years unless you like the materized taste of older aged sparkling wines.  But as long as the wine is still on its yeast the aging process is held in check.

When the wine is dosaged, it is at this time that we decide how the wine is to be finshed by what we use to top with.  I like to use Amador County Syrah with just a touch of residual sugar so the finished wine is produced in the Brut style with just a light beautiful salmon pink color.

We are excited to be able to bring to you this high quality Napa Valley Jana Sparkling Wine.  The wine is available only on the website and at our tasting room at 79 Main Street, Sutter Creek.


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Connie & Bill Schlelein January 4, 2010 at 2:32 pm

We’ve been waiting for you to make this special Jana wine. We’ve decided that every night will be New Year’s Eve when it’s around. Thanks for the update, we’ll pass it along!


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