Marketing Wines in China

by Jana Harvey on April 15, 2011

Marketing Wines in ChinaIt seems these days we are getting inundated with people wanting to sell our wines in China.  With good reason—it is projected that China will be the largest wine market by 2015.  Currently, the U.S. is #1.  Very few Chinese have tasted wines from California.  French imports are the most distributed wines.

We’re constantly learning more about the Chinese culture with wine.  They are huge in gift giving so presentation is very important.  They prefer cork finish. They do not believe in open displays of affection, so our One Last Kiss wine would probably not be appropriate.  They do like the color red. Conservative labels generally do not work in China unless you are one of the few French wines known.  They prefer fluid, romantic, unique labels instead.  Chinese generally prefer wines that aren’t too bitter, don’t have too much tannin, and have some residual sugar.  In short, they are looking for well balanced wine.  Interestingly enough, much of what currently sells in the market is not what they would actually like to consume.

Working with 8 Lakes Limited, they have a novel approach.  Instead of the expense of taking their winemakers to China, they will take them there by video with a Chinese translation voiceover.  Here’s an example of a video that will be seen in China:

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