Making Room for the 2009 Harvest

by Jana Harvey on July 2, 2009

In July, as the grape bunches are growing to full size, we are making room for the incoming vintage by bottling.  We are now bottling the wines taking up the space in the tanks and barrels that we will need for the new vintage.  This week we are bottling the Jana 2008 Old Vine Napa Valley Riesling and California Rose as well as the 2007 Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Amador County Barbera.  Bill and I have spent the last two weeks tasting through the final blends to make sure they are right.  From there the work orders are cut.  Yesterday was spent at the winery with the crew making sure the wines turn out like the final blends in the lab.  Tomorrow, we’ll be up at 4 AM to leave at 5 to spend a long day on the bottling line.  It’s a long process from bud break to bottling and exciting when the wine finally goes into the bottle.  Of course when we get home, we’ll just have to pop a few of the new wines for one last check. 


 Here’s a video we took last August 22 when the grapes were being picked.  It’s close to one year from vineyard to bottle.

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