MAJOR Transition

by Jana Harvey on April 30, 2006

After 17 years of selling wine for the same Napa Valley winery, I am leaving to join our company full time, and help Scott in building our future together.  Creative Wine Concepts is just under 2 years old. We are reaching the stage that Scott and our very abled Office Manager, Carla Clift, can no longer handle all the work it takes to run this wine company.  It has been an eye opening experience to discover all the details and follow up it takes to bring a product to market.  All these years my experience has been that the wine cases arrive all nicely packaged into the warehouse ready to ship to our distributors nationwide.  My job has been to get that wine into the distributor’s hands and work with them to get it to the retailers and restaurateurs.  Once there, you work with staff so that the wines sell through to the consumer. Mind you, this is no easy task.

BUT NOW, I am realizing the challenges of getting the wines just into our warehouse.  I now can experience the heartbeat of our wine company. Lowres_harveywine_2 After the long, late harvest of 2005, Scott got all the grapes crushed at three different wineries.  He checked them all through fermentation to make sure everything was going smoothly.  Then came the really fun part, blending the wines–especially when we selected the best blends over dinner every night.  The wines are completed and patiently waiting in their barrels and tanks to be bottled. Here comes the really challenging part–submitting our different labels to the government for approval.  We wait daily to get the word so we can get labels printed, schedule bottling, and oversee that the labels adhere perfectly to the bottle.  Not an easy task.  All this and THEN you have to sell it.

At this stage of my life, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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