Kitty Naming Contest: Overwhelming Response from our Wine Club Members and Friends

by Jana 2 Harvey on October 10, 2014

You are amazing! We reached out to our Wine Club Members as well as Facebook and Twitter friends for suggestions on naming our 2 new Kitty Brothers. And we received nearly 70 suggestions–each more creative and charming than the last! Decision time!

Scott and Jana have chosen Huck and Finn, submitted by Heidi Joerns Chandler:

Huck and Finn


Congratulations, Heidi! You win a $50 Gift Certificate to the restaurant of your choice!

But don’t feel left out. Honorable Mention goes to each and every one of you…along with a free Scott Harvey Wines Baseball Cap if you are one of the first 12 to order.

Kitty Cap Award

Click Here for your free Scott Harvey Wines Baseball Cap!

And if you’d like to scamper through the wonderful names submitted by all our friends, look just below. Perhaps you’ll find a name or two for your own kitties!

Scott Harvey Wine Kittens

Scott Harvey Wine Kitties

Kitty entries 2Kitty Entries 3Kitty Entries 4

Kitty Entries 5Kitty entries 1

Thanks, Everyone! Stay tuned to our Facebook page to keep track of how these Kitties grow!

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