It’s Time To Go BIG!

by Monica Bennion on November 15, 2012

We’ve all seen them, the super-sized bottles of wine, large enough to fill a fish tank, and we couldn’t possibly imagine when we would need one…but we all want one!  Since 1979, the standard bottle of wine has been set at 750ml, equivalent to 25.3 oz, and, for most of us, good for 4 glasses of wine.  With the holidays just around the corner, that means time spent with family and friends, sharing in good food, company and of course vino.  Now you could spend your time and energy opening single bottles all night long, but do you really want too?  I think not.  And don’t forget the recycling!  Impress your guests, and your garbage man, and open up some of your favorite Scott Harvey Wines in large format bottles.

One of the best reasons to pick up large format bottles is for their aging potential.  Overall, larger formats have better ageability.  This is due to the volume of wine.  With a larger bottle of wine, there is more surface area because of the bottle size.  The larger bottles do not allow as much oxidation as smaller bottles.  The cork it usually much larger and is more often than not, sealed with a wax coating.  When stored properly, large format wines can surpass their single bottle versions in aging by 10 or 20 years.

Another great reason to have large formats on hand is for your larger crowds.  If you’re having 6-8 guests over for a dinner party, a 1.5L magnum (equal to 2 bottles) will serve everyone nicely, and also serves as a great centerpiece on the table.  For your much bigger crowds, the 3L double-magnum (equal to 4 bottles) is the way to go.  For events such as weddings, milestone birthdays and anniversaries, the 3L double-magnums serve nicely as centerpieces.  Have a different one on each table to encourage people to mix-n-mingle and try something new.

Large formats not only have great ageability, they are also nice to have when pouring for a larger crowd.  But why else would we want a large format bottle?  The number one reason we all want a large format bottle is because it’s cool!  We’ve all felt it, that certain “WOW” factor at the sight of a big bottle, and instantly we start picturing the special event we would open this and loved ones we would share it with.  Although storage can be a little tricky since the larger format don’t quite fit in the wine fridge, don’t let that stop you from taking the plunge.  As long as they are stored in a cool, dark place (say the back of a closet), you’re all set.  Shop our LARGE FORMAT SELECTION

Large formats come in a variety of sizes with equally impressive names to match.  We have included a table, outlining the bottles sizes, names and volume.  SIZES & NAMES

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