I get my husband back!

by Jana Harvey on October 2, 2008

For 3 weeks now I've barely had a conversation with Scott.  It's definitely "ships passing in the night—and EARLY morning.  It's been an early and short harvest.  We still have two vineyards out–our Amador Barbera and the port.Scottvineyard2      Scottcheckinggrapes  Scott lab 

This is Scott's 36th harvest.  This is the 5th harvest that we've been together since we started our company.  While he's fervently working to bring all those grapes from the vineyards to the fermenting tanks, all I'm thinking about is "where am I going to sell all this great wine?"  The distributors have their hands full with many wineries in their portfolios.  It's hard for them to focus on any one brand.  The most fun we have in getting the word out about our wines, is when we can travel and do events together.  Now that he'll be freed up a bit, we can start planning our travel schedule.  I'd sure like to plan to sell some wine in Hawaii.Picture 175 Or maybe Sedona, AZ 

Creek2 But for now Scott needs to make sure all the wines are happily fermenting.

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