Harvest from the Perspective of Winemaker’s Wife and Marketing Director

by Jana Harvey on October 10, 2012

Every year at harvest time, since we started our company eight years ago, I get this overwhelming feeling as I watch my husband, Scott, working his heart out–15 to 18 hour days, bringing in grapes.  All I can think is “How are we ever going to sell all this wine?!”  Yet, year after year, after Scott has transformed the grapes into wine, we get such wonderful, heart-warming responses from reviewers and customers alike.  And lucky us, every year, we find ourselves sold out of wine!

Today he came home and said, “Great news, Jana, our yields are up and we’re getting more grapes than we planned of Barbera, Zinfandel and Syrah…are all producing more than ever!”.  While I know this is a good thing, in my head I’m thinking, “Wow!  Now I’ll need to change all the sales plans we have in place for next year.”  Although the task at hand can be a bit daunting, when I watch how much work and passion that goes into making these wines, from growing to bottling, it fires me up even more, and I like to make sure our distributors, restaurants, wine stores, and of course all of our wine lovers, get the chance to appreciate the labor of love that goes into every bottle.

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