Harvest 2013: The View from the Winemaker’s Wife

by Jana Harvey on September 8, 2013

As my husband, Scott Harvey,  embarks on his 40th harvest, I prepare myself for not seeing much of him for the next six weeks or so.  This will be Jana and Scott Harvey biking through vineyardsthe 17th harvest I’ve been through with him, and it never seems to get much easier. That’s why we especially enjoyed our Labor Day weekend doing all of our favorite things together:  hiking, biking, and cooking.

This harvest started earlier for Scott.  Fortunately, it’s because he picked Pinot Noir so we can have our sparking Blanc de Noir back again.  Sparkling wine grapes have lower sugars so they’re the first to be harvested.  Next, it was my favorite white wine, our Sauvignon Blanc, so I had no trouble getting up at the crack of dawn with Scott to watch the harvest.

The Amador Reds always take longer to ripen but Scott will be making several 5 hour round trips to check the sugars and flavors.  The days really get long when he starts hauling the grapes from Amador to Napa Valley where they are processed.  Sometimes, he’ll even do two trips in one day!  He’ll be leaving before I get up in the morning and back long after I’ve gone to sleep.  I don’t know how he does it.

There is definitely an atmosphere of great excitement and energy that comes during harvest.  As the marketing and sales arm of our company, there is always a bit of anxiety that I feel as I see all these grapes being made into wine.  The most heartwarming part? All the anticipation from our frequent customers, tasting room visitors and wine club members for Scott’s latest creations.

I get to see first hand all the passion and skill that goes into every bottle and know that our customers will appreciate the exceptional wine these grapes will produce.




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