Family Winemakers: Enhancing the Enjoyment of Wine

by Scott Harvey on March 5, 2013

Jana and I had been in the wine industry for many years when we started our own family wine company 10 years ago.  We are excited about the Jana and Scott Harvey wines we have developed along with our California blends of One Last Kiss and InZinerator.  It has been–and still is–an enjoyable journey.

We have developed many friends along the way.  They tend to be people who like wines that can be produced by a family company such as ours.  As a Family Winemaker, we can express our passion much better in the wines we make.  Our limited production makes it possible for our principles to be more defined and uncompromising.

A family winemaker is definitely hands on.  One day you may find us at a black tie winemaker dinner in San Francisco and the next you’ll see me in the winery wearing my favorite German winemaker’s shirt, Levis and rubber boots.  Our story is much easier to get across, becoming infectious, as we enjoy our wines with friends.  Our passion promotes experimentation in developing new and exciting wines.  It’s so fun to watch someone’s eyes light up when they try a new wine, such as when we released our Angel Eis.

When you think of it, many of the new wine trends that have developed over the years have been developed by family winemakers.  The great wine craze of White Zinfandel in the 80’s was developed by a then small family winery in St. Helena, the Trinchero Family of Sutter Home Winery.  Look at where they are today.  They are still a family winery and took a wine I developed in the 90’s, Menage a Trois, to unbelievable heights.

Family winemakers, both large and small,  add a lot to the quality and passion of American wines.  We are proud to be members of the Family Winemakers of California organization.  So much so that I am proud to be a board member amongst a peer group of  some of California’s best family wine companies.  If you want to experience the passion and quality of wine produced by family wine companies you need to attend the Family Winemakers tastings held annually.  One is in Southern California, at Del Mar near San Diego March 9 and 10th and the other in San Francisco in the Fall. We hope to see you there!

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