Enjoying a special treat from Cleveland, Ohio in Napa Valley

by Jana Harvey on February 15, 2013

Box of Lake Erie PerchAfter 30+ years, there are still a few things I long for from growing up in Cleveland, Ohio– and Lake Erie perch is one of them.  One of my fondest memories is of my father bringing home his catch after a day fishing on the lake.  Unfortunately, my mother didn’t share my excitement as she was the one who had to clean all the fish.

Imagine my delight when a box of 200 frozen perch filets arrived from my dear cousin Andrea.  Her husband, Jim, does quite a bit of fishing on Lake Erie and they obviously have a few more fish than they can consume.

Scott and I immediately defrosted one package of about 20 filets and got to work.  He took the messy part of the cooking process and dipped the fish into the egg wash first and then into a mixture of flour, paprika and salt.  We sauteed in some butter and voila!

Lake Erie perch

Breading the perch filets

Even though we make a Jana Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc and Jana Mendocino Riesling–two wines that ordinarily would be ideal to serve with fish, we decided to experiment with a Scott Harvey Amador County Barbera.  The vibrant acidity of the Barbera goes with anything on the table and this treat of Lake Erie perch was no exception.

Lake Erie perch with Amador County Barbera

Lake Erie perch with Amador County Barbera

What are some of your most memorable foods from your past?


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