Tips for Hosting a Blind Wine Tasting Party

by Monica Bennion on July 12, 2015

Save Water Drink WineWe all have them…those dusty bottles at the back of the cellar, the bottles hiding at the back of the cooler and those buried in the back of the unused closet.  We buy and store them with the intention of opening them for that milestone birthday, that special anniversary or the perfect celebration.  Birthdays and anniversaries come and go, parties and celebrations are had, and yet those bottles still sit there…patiently aging.  What in the heck are you waiting for?!?!  It’s time to open them up and create your own special occasion!

Our 8-week “Drink Your Wine” Campaign will feature fun and creative ways to help you make any day a celebration.  So go dig out your stashed bottles, dust them off and get ready to make some memories!

Host a Blind Tasting Party

A great way to show off your favorite wines is to share them with other wine lovers.  But instead of just opening that bottle to serve with dinner, make things a little more interesting by hosting a blind tasting party.  Encourage your friends to bring their favorite “dusty bottle” and get everyone in on the fun (not to mention not depleting your collection too rapidly).

What you’ll need for a blind tasting party:

  • Blind Tasting BottlesBottle bags, paper bags or aluminum foil (anything that will protect the identity of the wine)
  • Wine Glasses
  • Tasting & Score Sheets (Download our Blind Wine Tasting Scorecard)
  • Dump Buckets
  • Bread or crackers to cleanse the palate
  • Water to rinse glasses and sip in between
  • Wine…of course!  Stick to 6-8 different bottles to avoid palate fatigue

Common blind tasting themes:

  • Specific variety (Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, etc.)
  • Specific appellation (Napa Valley, Amador County, Mendocino, etc.)
  • Exotic red or white variety (a great way to introduce people to new varieties)
  • Price point (set a maximum price point – many excellent wines are $25 or less!)

We think you have the basic idea…get some friends, have them bring some wine, wrap them up, taste them, score them and then reveal them!  If you’re feeling extra competitive, you can keep score and award a prize to the top wining wine.  Even better, get a trophy for the winner.  At the next blind tasting, the trophy then goes to the new winner.  Drink, Score, Win, Repeat!

Voila!  Special occasion made!  Now you can replace that special bottle with another…better yet, stock up on some new favorites!

For other great blind tasting ideas visit these sites:

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