Drink Your Wine Campaign

by Monica Bennion on July 11, 2015

Save Water Drink WineWe all have them…those dusty bottles at the back of the cellar, the bottles hiding at the back of the cooler and those buried in the back of the unused closet.  We buy and store them with the intention of opening them for that milestone birthday, that special anniversary or the perfect celebration.  Birthdays and anniversaries come and go, parties and celebrations are had, and yet those bottles still sit there…patiently aging.  What in the heck are you waiting for?!?!  It’s time to open them up and create your own special occasion!

Our 8-week “Drink Your Wine” Campaign will feature fun and creative ways to help you make any day a celebration.  So go dig out your stashed bottles, dust them off and get ready to make some memories!  Our Drink Your Wine campaign starts on Monday, July 13th!  Watch for our Blog posts each week for creative and fun ways to Drink Your Wine

Ways To Drink Your Wine

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