Blogging and the Opportunities it Creates

This blog is the first of what will hopefully be a daily blog.  A new discipline that I'm told I need to do for the ever changing way that wine is sold.  Actually, I think it is a good idea and a great opportunity to better communicate with our enjoyable and wonderful customers.


A high percentage of winemakers enjoy staying in the winery and the wine lab and are not fond of meeting the actual people that enjoy their art.  When you have a winemaker that is a people person, you have a real asset.  What better person to explain the art behind each wine than the person who put it together.  The winemaker is the most credible person for this job.  If they enjoy people and are good at public speaking, they are the best person to convey the wine's story.


For the last thirty seven years I have been doing just this selling wine through the three tier distribution system by visiting each market area.  While there I’ll ride around with sales people visiting wine shops and restaurants, do tastings for the distributor sales staff,  tastings for restaurant staffs and winemaker dinners all to get the story out. 


Along comes the internet.  A new opportunity to tell the wine's story directly to anyone interested in reading the blog.  How wonderful!  Now I can do it from my office, while looking out the window over the beautiful Napa Valley Vineyards.  Only problem, my prose seem to flow in an understandable fashion, but my spelling is horrific.  Thank goodness for spell check.

We Value Your Feedback

  1. I love reading about your business advice. It provokes that entrepreneurial spirit and goads me to moving to wine country starting a business of some sort.
    And speaking of spellcheckers, they don’t solve everything. I’m dying to open this Barbera just so I can hear it ‘compliment’ everything on the table. (wink)
    “Oh, ms Broccoli, the way the light from the chandelier dances across your arboreal flower heads, invokes fond memories of those Tuscan twilight evenings I miss so dearly.”
    ..TJ 🙂