Birth of the New InZinerator Label

by Jana Harvey on March 5, 2009

Somedays you just can’t win.  In an effort to have a wine label that’s unique, we asked our nephew, Michael Harants, who had just graduated in graphic design, to come up with some label concepts for us.  Being a comic book collecter and a gamer, he gave us three concepts of the Super Hero genre. We loved all three.Inzi3 We decided we would use them all. The consumer would then, instead of buying just one bottle, would want all three.  Scott created a delicous Zinfandel blend–very similar to the same blend he used when he created Menage a Trois.  This label has gotten mixed reactions.  It was even banned in North Carolina, thinking that we were trying to sell wine to minors.  The artist was actually 28 years old when he developed this label.  Retailers told us that it was confusing to their customers.  Someone would come in and purchase one of the bottles (not all three as we had hoped) and then would come back and couldn’t find the label anymore.  The same wine was there in other labels but it didn’t translate.  Another challenge was to let people know this was a good bottle of wine–not just a gimmicky label.  A Gold Medal at the California State Fair helped.  We released two vintages of these labels–2003 & 2004.  After fighting this battle for several years, we decided to release only one label per vintage.  We also received comments that we should have a female SuperHero–afterall, women buy 60% of the wine.  FemKnight (we call her) was born, created by the same artist.InZinFem05hd4bFinal We thought she would be perfect to carry on the InZinerator flag. 

The next step was getting the labels printed.  Always challenging.  Collotype does a wonderful job printing our labels.  It is a fascinating place to visit.  Quite a high-tech factory.  We spent several hours just trying to get the right shade of purples.  You add a little red “here” and it changes the color “there”.  Finally, we decided we were as close as we were going to get to the artists original drawing.  Here’s a little glimpse of the printing process.

The female Super Hero is going to market and everyone wants to know if they can still get the three labels.  They just might be back again.  Stay tuned………..

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