Advantages of being on an ocean cruise with ZAP

  1. You get to drink lots of zinfandel
  2. You get a deal on corkage – one of the most expensive things while you’re cruising is the alcohol (besides the internet).  With ZAP, wines are sent ahead and you can enjoy them in your cabin or take to dinner for a reduced corkage.
  3. Education – the more you know about a topic, the more you enthusiastic you become.  There are numerous seminars to enhance your enjoyment.
  4. Several intimate dinners with the winemakers to learn more about winemaking and their passion–with no corkage and as much wine as you want.
  5. Develop wonderful new friendships with people of similar interests in the love of food and wine.

Dave viewing an amazing selection of zinfandels at the receptionTaking room stock after the wine dinnerWinemaker dinner at Jacques Restaurant

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