A Year to Share!

by Monica Bennion on January 12, 2012

Less than a year ago we embarked on a journey of creating a new and interactive website, which was successfully launched in April 2011.  As with any new and exciting software expedition, part of the fun has been learning all of the functions and features available, and then utilizing them to help better your experience as a valued customer.  Below, we present some of our favorite features and functions, and invite you to share with us, and fellow Scott Harvey Wines fans, your thoughts, comments and opinions.


Share with others your thoughts and comments on your favorite Scott Harvey and Jana Wines.  To post a review, visit our “Buy Wines” page, select the product you would like to review, and click the tab “Customer Reviews”.  Read what others have to say, and share with us your thoughts.


With over 300 different applications, it’s easy to share with your family, friends and acquaintances your purchases and reviews of your favorite Scott Harvey and Jana Wines.


Like” our new Facebook page, and stay up to date on our activities, events and specials!  You can also post pictures of your favorite Scott Harvey and Jana Wines moments!


As valued fans of Scott Harvey and Jana Wines and loyal subscribers to our newsletter, we strive to provide you with fun, entertaining and useful information in our monthly newsletters.  If you have a topic suggestion or a favorite recipe you pair with a Scott Harvey or Jana Wine, send your ideas and pairings to Monica at [email protected]

In closing, as we continue in an era of social networking, e-mails and online shopping, we want to stay connected with our fans and customers!  When you share your comments, suggestions and opinions, you provide essential information not only for your fellow Scott Harvey Wines fans, but also to us, which will help us in making Scott Harvey Wines even better for years to come!


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