by Jana Harvey on May 25, 2010

A few months ago Sarah Palin was hired to speak at the annual Wine & Spirits wholesaler’s convention. In her speech she talked generally about deregulation. Since wholesalers business is deeply dependent on the highly regulated three tier distribution system, they needless to say were rather frightened by what she had to say and it caused them into developing and getting potential legislation introduced (HR5034) to further their hold on the regulatory three tier system.
As a small wine producer trying to reach customers in other states, the regulations imposed have created a situation where it is as if we are selling wine to 50 different countries. In many states it has literally become impossible to get our wines to the customers that want them with out going through distributors that don’t want to represent our wines.
Our founding fathers, when drafting our constitution and setting up our government based many of their decisions on the concept of free trade between the states. Prohibitionist along with the distributors, have been able to exclude the sale of wine from this fundamental concept.
If HR5034 becomes law, the out of state consumer will be further denied access to the wonderful artisan wines coming from small quality family wineries. It will become much harder for you to enjoy the great Rieslings of New York or Michigan as well as the wonderful Barberas of Amador county or small producer higher quality Cabernets from Napa Valley.

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