2013 Wine Resolutions – #3 – Revel with Riesling

by Monica Bennion on January 3, 2013

Keeping with the theme of Resolutions #1 & #2, we hope you will rediscover the “new” old-world style of Riesling.  In the recent past, Riesling saturated the market, and the wine world was inundated with overly sweet and incredibly unbalanced Rieslings.  In an effort to erase the stereotype, with great success I might add, winemakers are focusing on making crisp, low-alcohol Rieslings with a balanced ratio of residual sugar and acidity.  Being German trained, Scott has always made his Rieslings in a dry or off-dry fashion, and our 2009 Jana Mendocino Valley Old Vine Riesling is no exception.  If you enjoy dessert wines, our 2010 Angel Eis is a sweet but balanced dessert wine crafted with high-quality Riesling grapes.  Click HERE to learn more on Riesling styles.

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