2013 Wine Resolutions – #11 – Don’t Judge a Bottle by its Price

by Monica Bennion on January 11, 2013

It is a common misconception that good wine must be high-priced and that high-priced wine must be good.  But really, what constitutes “good”?  Isn’t “good” wine a wine we like?  Too often people think that they have to like a wine because it has a higher price tag or that a wine with a lower price is subpar.  This year, dump that idea in the bucket!  When wine tasting, don’t let the price pre-determine your judgment of a wine, let your taste buds decide.  When shopping for a wine in the store, get recommendations for a wine within a specific price range.  If shopping online, read the reviews and shop based on your preferred price range.  The website www.Snooth.com is a great resource and has tools for searching by color and variety, winery, region, price and ratings.

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