2013 Wine Resolutions – #10 – Bust Open the Big Bottle

by Monica Bennion on January 10, 2013

Formats & Sizes#10 – BUST OPEN THE BIG BOTTLE
If you made a resolution to spend more time with family and friends, now is the time to break out the big bottles!  Whether it’s a Magnum (equal to 2 bottles) or a Double Magnum (equal to 4 bottles), or something even larger, we’re sure everyone will have a great time enjoying the company of loved ones along with some fantastic wine!  Not only do large formats have better aging potential than single bottles, they also have that “WOW” factor that makes them so cool.  Large formats are also great as centerpieces at weddings, anniversaries or parties, and can be a great way to encourage mingling and meeting new people and trying new wines (See Resolution #2).  Read our blog on “It’s Time to Go BIG” and learn more about large format bottles.  Click HERE to view our selection of Magnums and Double Magnums.

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