2012 Early Harvest Report

by Scott Harvey on September 18, 2012

It’s about time!  2012 is the first vintage in three years that appears to be “normal.”  Normal meaning crop size and timing. In the last two vintages we saw uneven small crops of normal to above average quality.  This was due to a longer winter with late rains and frost at bud break, along with cooler summer temperatures and early rains in the fall.

This year, thanks to “normal” regional weather, the grapes are of even ripening and of a normal crop size. 2012 has been a warm year, with decent rainfall and little weather “interruptions.”  All of which provide for great grapes and in turn great wine.

So far, the flavors and colors are good.  The quality is best determined when the grapes are in the tank.  By November we will have good knowledge of what we can expect from the 2012 vintage, and by 2014, you can expect to be enjoying these wines from this “normal” year.  We are pretty sure though, that they will be anything but normal.

In Scott’s video, he shares with us his techniques and tips for determining when the grapes are at their best for harvesting.

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